The Complete End-to-End Solution for Construction and Excavation Safety
PlanAccess360 is a cutting-edge solution for construction and excavation companies, offering seamless automation for requesting utility plans and other critical safety information.

PlanAccess360 is a multi-user platform that aggregates and collates the necessary utility information ensuring your construction project complies with dig permit requirements and practical safety measures.

Its standout feature is its integration capabilities with Works Management Systems and Construction Management Systems. This integration ensures that utility location maps are always available onsite, enhancing project compliance and safety standards.


Cost & Risk Reduction

Eliminate the manual effort required for submitting enquiries, resulting in significant cost reduction.


Embed PlanAccess360 into existing works management or asset management platforms to enforce compliance with safe work practices in field tasks.

Streamline Excavation Projects

Simplify the entire excavation process, from planning to execution, ensuring efficiency, safety, and compliance every step of the way.

Compliance & Safety

Automatically checks compliance and documentation processes to avoid extra costs or delays.


Automatically inject enquiries and collate Utility plans to align with projects to ensure teams have the necessary documentation on-site.

Map-Based Visualisation

Knowing where the utilities are located can help prevent injury to workers, which can sometimes even be life-threatening

Enterprise Focused Solution

Handles large volumes of data, users, and projects without compromising performance or functionality and offers a high degree of customisation

Unified Access

Enables users to seamlessly access and engage with all responses generated across the excavation projects, irrespective of whether they initiated those requests.

Extended Plan Retention

Retention of project-related documents, data, and plans for an extended period after the completion of an excavation project can enhance transparency, accountability, and efficiency.

How does PlanAccess360 work?

planaccess global workflow

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