Empowering Field Locate Productivity with Advanced Ticket Management

TicketAccess serves as a cost-effective and configurable software solution to streamline your utility locate management. It provides municipalities, utilities and locate service companies the ability to simplify the process of handling locate requests and ticket management. Integrating with key OneCall platforms, it enhances efficiency, mitigates potential risks, and proactively prevents damages.


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Complete Tickets Faster

Have your entire team on the same page. Use a centralized platform to create, manage, and track excavation tickets efficiently. Instantly respond to OneCall (Positive Response) systems with the status of each ticket.

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Mobile Ready

Mobile Optimization

Empower your field crews using existing devices. Routing, photos, videos, GPS coordinates are easily accessible on any Android or iOS device.

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Supports growth

Whether you're a small contractor or a large utility company, our system scales with your needs, ensuring you're always ready for growth.

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Real-time Communication

Enhance collaboration among contractors, utility companies, and excavators. Our system facilitates real-time communication, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

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Locating & Mapping

Utilize advanced mapping tools to pinpoint underground utilities accurately. This reduces the risk of damage and improves safety during excavation projects.

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Enhanced Reporting

Generate detailed reports on excavation activities, damage incidents, and compliance statistics. Gain valuable insights into your operations to make informed decisions.

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User-friendly Interface

Our intuitive interface is easy to navigate, ensuring minimal training and maximum adoption across your organization.

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Fully Customizable

Tailor the system to fit your unique needs. Configure workflows, notification preferences, and access controls to match your business requirements.




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Full Featured with Low Switching Costs

Start immediately reducing operational costs and enhance your ticket management without introducing costly switchovers or capital investments. Simply configure your OneCall connector, set up your test field crew, and start using.

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Manage Locate Requests With Ease 

With due date tracking, priority management, and automated workflows your performance and compliance documentation are effortlessly managed, ensuring on-time project completion.

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Comprehensive Documentation & Signoff

Document work progress and track changes with ease using any mobile device.  Collect photos, videos, digital map sketches, and notes—each embedded with GIS coordinates and timestamped for enhanced multimedia documentation.

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Align Your Team with Full Visibility

Track overall team status and drill down to key issue. TicketAccess offers tailored report generation and interactive dashboards for immediate insights, coupled with automated alerts and seamless GIS data integration for proactive management.

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