Case Studies

Mornington Peninsula Shire revolutionise permitting process


Mornington Peninsula Shire found as an organisation the asset protection department was lacking visibility around the works being done by contractors within the road reserve. The manual, resource intensive process for Permit Applications regarding these works meant projects were often commenced without the awareness of the Shire and lack of information being provided.


Mornington Peninsula Shire revolutionised the approach to their permitting challenges by being the first in Australia to adopt the PermitAccess system from PelicanCorp. PermitAccess is the end-to-end cloud solution for applicants and Permit Authorities to apply for, review and approve permit requests by combining and automating the processes with the submission of a Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) enquiry and applying for a Permit.


Through the use of PermitAccess the contractors planning works within the Mornington Peninsula Shire area can now access their systems and information for more effectively, allowing greater productivity and efficiency. What was previously an average of 10 business days turn around time for a permit can now usually be achieved within 48 hours. In addition the team at the Shire have far greater visibility across all works conducted within the road reserve. Through close monitoring of activities it enables the Shire to rectify any issues that may occur, saving time, council resources and costs.

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