Case Studies

SGN reduces risk of incidents and improves worker safety


SGN was looking for a solution to reduce third party damages which occurred due to work being carried out by people who were not following safe digging practices and did not have the relevant utility pipe location information. SGN wanted an online solution to enhance the customer experience by providing a hassle-free way of getting information on the location of its pipes so that all parties could make informed decisions.


SGN became a member of the online safe digging portal service LinesearchbeforeUdig (LSBUD) Member, a solution, designed to reduce the risk of third party damages. It not only provides a hassle-free way for the customer to get the plans but also helps SGN understand where works are taking place near its network.


The LSBUD automated solution has enabled SGN to significantly improve the protection of its assets via a 1600% increase in the number of third party enquiries being made on the location of its assets. Despite the significant increase in enquiries being made, the average response time is now just 4 minutes; over 500 times quicker than previous response times that averaged over 15 days.

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