Case Studies

Mayberry Excavations automates collation with PlanAccess


Mayberry Excavations were experiencing the burden of a heavy administrative workload due to the efforts required to collate responses from the Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) service. As response numbers increased, Mayberry Excavations were finding the cost of printing plans was escalating, and their teams in the field were not able to be efficient at all times with the traditional method of having printed plans on site. With the resource heavy manual process, Mayberry Excavations realised the need for automatic collation.


Mayberry Excavations have changed processes with the use of PlanAccess, the cloud based service from PelicanCorp, which successfully automates the collation of responses from DBYD requests into a single job pack for each request.


PlanAccess automation has successfully eliminated almost all manual collation of DBYD responses, reducing Mayberry Excavations manual effort, printing overheads and enabling the re-allocation of staff resources efforts. In addition it has achieved greater protection of its staff, and efficiency on site by providing them with the plans required for each project on hand at all times, in a simple and easy to use digital Job Pack.

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