Case Studies

Horizon Networks NZ use TicketAccess to automate beforeUdig responses

Horizon Networks NZ are now using TicketAccess as part of their asset protection and safety program to automatically generate response plans to beforeUdig enquiries showing all of their electrical infrastructure. By streamlining and automating the previously manual process, Horizon Networks have improved their response turn-around time, reduced effort required by resources and ensure a consistent message is being provided to protect the public when working around underground cables.

As Scott Lillas, GIS/CAD Manager at Horizon Networks points out:“The main drivers to implement the TicketAccess solution at Horizon Networks were: 1. To provide a quick response service to beforeUdig inquiries promoting a safe, compliant working environment 2. To automate the beforeUdig map production process to free up staff time to continue working on other projects 3. To improve reporting and audit capabilities of cable location inquiries. TicketAccess complements our existing beforeUdig and Horizon Networks cable locate service. Please refer to for additional information.”