Case Studies

Gippsland Water integrate GIS web services directly to improve DBYD responses

Gippsland Water, who have been utilising the PelicanCorp technology since 2009, have successfully upgraded to the latest TicketAccess solution for a higher level of automation to their DBYD enquiry response process. Gippsland Water opted for the upgrade to enable higher quality map responses as TicketAccess leverages directly off their corporate GIS system via web services. TicketAccess now provides Gippsland Water a standardised asset protection process, delivering faster response turnaround times and more accurate data to enquirers by correctly identifying personnel who need to be contacted before commencing any excavation works.

This provides a drastically reduced risk of exposure and damage to their essential infrastructure asset types, including electrical, water and sewer. The upgrade has brought Gippsland Water in line with using the latest technology available for automation of the DBYD response process.