Case Studies

PelicanCorp automate CBYD ticket screening for GNHWPCA

Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority (GNHWPCA) were heavily resourcing their handling of CBYD tickets including the scheduling of field visits, via a process that was reliant on people making decisions involving critical infrastructure - this even included assets that weren't owned by GNHWPCA. They required a solution to automate the process of determining which tickets required a response and locate.

GNHWPCA selected TicketAccess to automate their ticket screening process and provide a positive response solution. TicketAccess takes the CBYD ticket and compares the location of the work to the location of the GNHWPCA Sewer network. Tickets are categorized based on the work being performed and the nature of the asset potentially at risk from the work, all via the automated service.

Using TicketAccess GNHWPCA have seen a significant reduction in the resources and time required to review, respond to and mark out CBYD tickets. Contractors receive an automated response within minutes of submitting their CBYD ticket indicating the presence of underground facilities and then outlines the actions by GNHWPCA.

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