Futureproof Your Locate Request Process with LocateAccess

Facility operators and utility owners are seeing the annual number of locate requests steadily climb each year. As a vital part of the damage prevention process, locate requests protect buried facilities and the lives of those that work around them. However, as the number of locates increases, asset owners increasingly find themselves struggling to keep up. Late or missed locate requests can cause a delay, damage, injury, or death. To get ahead of this problem facility owners are partnering with PelicanCorp, the global leader in damage prevention, and deploying LocateAccess to their workforce. LocateAccess is a next generation locate management tool designed to drive efficiency, reduce operating costs, and improve safety in the locate request process. Prepare your organization for the future of damage prevention by discovering more about the benefits of LocateAccess.

What is LocateAccess?

LocateAccess is a software solution that uses automation to improve every aspect of the locate request process for facility operators, utility owners, and contract locators. LocateAccess’ smart technology allows you to quickly receive, sort, modify and assign locate requests to the field. Field operators then use LocateAccess’s intuitive features to automatically route their locate assignments, evaluate GIS and facility data against the ticket, document the markout, close the request and send a positive response. In the office Locate Access serves as a single point of truth for the damage prevention process, providing detailed and insightful reporting.

Locate Access can be deployed both as a stand-alone solution or part of a comprehensive damage prevention suite that includes ScreenAccess and PermitAccess.

Benefits of LocateAccess

Streamlined Workflows Equal on Time and Accurate Locates

LocateAccess allows you to leverage automation through customized workflows and real-time routing. This means less backlog, no late tickets, and no fines. LocateAccess allows you to create a customized workflow that considers workloads, staffing levels, number of tickets, ticket priorities, ticket types, facility type, geographic locations, and even traffic. What was a manual process that took your office staff hours now takes seconds. Getting locates to the field faster means more locates completed in a day. Once dispatched LocateAccess allows your field staff to route their ticket list automatically by time or priority. This allows them to concentrate on accuracy and safety, all while getting more done.

GIS, Facility, and Ticket Data All on One Map

LocateAccess allows you to merge your GIS and ticket data, saving time in the field and office. When you view a locate request either in the office or the field you will be able to see your GIS, facility, and ticket data all in one place. Providing this data on a map allows staff to quickly determine the type and location of a buried asset. As well as whether that asset may be impacted by the proposed dig site. Less calls in the office or clicks into a separate system means quicker locates, and more visibility means higher accuracy.


No Signal, No Problem

With LocateAccess you can access your data anywhere, even when you are offline. As a web-based tool PelicanCorp has designed Locate Access to work in a disconnected mode allowing your staff to travel to remote areas without worrying about loss of access to ticket data and functions. When you come back into connectivity the system syncs and updates, saving you more time.

Greater Efficiency and Accident Reduction through GPS Tracking

LocateAccess allows you to follow your staff throughout the day with live GPS tracking. This allows you to problem solve in real time and make routing and staffing decisions based on location and distance. It also allows a manager to ensure a safe and accident-free workplace.

Quick and Easy Locate Documentation

Accurate locate documentation protects your organization from liability in the event of damage or injury. Proving that your work was done correctly and on time is a necessary but often time-consuming task. With LocateAccess’ intuitive sketching and attachments tool your field staff can quickly diagram the site and add notes that will not only protect your organization but also provide excavators the additional information they need to dig safely. By using LocateAccess to also take pictures and video of the markout you can greatly reduce even more the time spent documenting the site.

Custom Reporting with Actionable Insights

LocateAccess is a single point of truth for your organizations damage prevention process. With easy to use and highly customizable reporting features you can leverage all your data to drive greater efficiency, uncover cost savings, and keep on top of yearly trends. If you prefer to manage your data elsewhere you can easily export the raw data in several formats.

Automation for the Future of Damage Prevention

In multiple reports the CGA (Common Ground Alliance) identified several trends that are challenging the sustainability of the current damage prevention model. Chief among them was the increasing volume of locate requests. By deploying the proven automation and efficiency of LocateAccess you can get ahead of these challenges and protect your facility into the future. Contact PelicanCorp today to get started.


Sam Handziak

Sam Handziak

Sam has a passion for helping businesses and organizations identify and execute transformational change through innovative technology. Leveraging insights gained from years of experience working within the One Call Industry, SLED, and Manufacturing, Sam collaborates closely with his clients providing a wealth of industry knowledge as they achieve their business goals. Recently Sam managed the development and launch of Education Access, an e-learning platform designed to help PelicanCorp’s One Call clients modernize and expand their safety education programs.