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PelicanCorp Acquires Geolantis, the Global Leader of Best-in-Class Damage Prevention Software and Services.

PelicanCorp has acquired Geolantis, a globally recognized next-generation cloud powered utility mapping and management platform. Geolantis develops innovative, future oriented spatial solutions for the utility industry.

The principal customers of Geolantis products are telecommunications, utilities, engineering and construction companies, local authorities, and service providers. The core focus is on cloud-enabled mobile solutions to manage field crews in mapping and surveying, data collection, asset and workforce management. Geolantis.360, their flagship product, is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) platform with mobile apps to manage remote workforces who map and survey above and below ground infrastructure.

The combination of PelicanCorp and Geolantis portfolios will positively impact damage prevention, spatial solutions and data collection for the utility industry.

Joining PelicanCorp from Geolantis is an executive leadership team, including Geolantis CEO/Managing Director Michael Pegam, along with world class developers from around the world.

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