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Online collaboration solution to share, plan, schedule and forecast public and utility works

WorksAccess is the meeting place for Utilities, Municipalities and Road Authority works.

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WorksAccess brings together all the parties involved in Public Works with the aim of reducing the number of road openings, reducing the cost involved in road openings and improving the ability to schedule works.



Create new opportunities

View and understand where others works may create opportunities or challenges.

Reduce costs

Share expenses with other utilities

Provides opportunities to share the cost of street openings with other utilities.

Reduces impact

Protect your assets

WorksAccess reduces the potential number of road openings, extending the life of a road asset.

Optimised scheduling

Collaborate with others

Gain greater visibility of each other's work schedules, reducing conflicts and congestion.

Map view

Gain visibility with online map views

Identify opportunities to collaborate and share planned works. Mapping allows for quick navigation to jobs requiring attention.


Keep control of personal data

Contributing users decide the level of visibility to their future planned works.


How does WorksAccess work?


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Optimisation of road closures

Get direct insights into the long range plans of other organisations which may impact your plans or provide opportunities to reduce costs.

WorksAccess allows each user the opportunity to get the full picture of public works and be alerted when changes to plans occur. With direct access to other organisations capital works programs and schedules, you will be able to consider your own plans, reschedule your works or negotiate with other organisations with respect to their schedules.

Efficiency through knowledge

WorksAccess is the first meeting place for collaboration on any public works.

Instant notifications and alerts arise when opportunities for coordination or collaboration are presented or when projects have been updated or edited. WorksAccess is the first place to begin negotiating a good result for the Municipality, the Utility and the public.

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